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We take your social media presence, and expose it to thousands of people in your target market, each and every month...


We create engaging content that's congruent to the true value of your products/services, allowing you to stand out from the noise.


We develop effective strategies, as well as manage all communications to build stronger connections with your audience...


Utilizing Comprehensive Competitor Research, we spy on your competitors to increase the effectiveness of marketing ads...

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Social media is the most powerful storytelling tool at your business’s disposal. By utilizing captivating and engaging media, you have the power to tell your own story and control how your business interpreted by your target market.

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Social Media is increasingly becoming the visual shop for business’s on mobile, with two-thirds of the visits to Instagram business profiles being from people who don’t follow them yet. Allowing business’s and brands to rapidly expand their customer base





Better position your business by monitoring everything that is being said about your company or product on all the channels that matter. Allowing you to make data driven business decisions backed up by accurate and comprehensive stats. You can even track your competitors’ over time….Powerful stuff!

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With Zavant Digital your business will you longer have to rely on just one way to generate leads. Build an audience around your business and meet them where they are. Have your audience gravitate towards your content and engage with them in an efficient manner, then move their interactions seamlessly through marketing funnel in an optimized, conversion focused way…. The Zavant Way

Welcome to Digital Marketing by Design

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Shape your business decisions with social media analytics and online sentiment analysis. Unleash the power of Digital Marketing on your business and build engaged relationships, acquire and retain customers all whilst monitoring everything being said about your business or products online. Even analyzing and identifying your closest competitors strategies will be right at your finger tips. 

  • Deliver engaged content
  • Build your own audience
  • Get back to your business
  • Zavant will do the rest

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" An absolute breeze to work with. Incredibly knowledgeable and made recommendations and possibilities that I hadn’t even thought of. I would highly recommend this services to anyone "
Mae Artisan Rugs
" Goosebumps, when you greatest expectations are exceeded... That was my experience work with Zavant Digital. All the boxes were ticked with creativity, professionalism and knowledge"
James Gray

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